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ELEX - 45km/h electric bicycle concept


This 45km/h e-bike is a design study. The ELEX has mountainbike suspension and an oversized aluminium frame to hide all electronics. This ensures and stable ride and makes sure that the bike can handle the 1,6Kw motor. By pedalling along you can increase the speed of the bike, or use less battery power. The range is over 80km at speeds of 45km/h. If the bike runs out of battery-power, you can still pedal along.

This bike combines the comfort and speed of a moped with the fun and energy of a race bicycle! So far two prototypes are made and tested.

E-KART 100km/h

Deze elektrische kart is gebouwd voor de Techno Challenge, een initiatief van Corus om jongeren te interesseren voor techniek. De kart is geleverd door kartfabrikant MS Karts. Sunrider Cycles heeft de aanzet gegeven tot het technisch ontwerpen, inbouwen en testen van de elektrische aandrijving.

Electric go-kart
Electric go-kart
Electric go-kart

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