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Winter-dakje in ontwikeling

Dec 2010

Na een serie geslaagde testen met een nieuw dakje voor de Sunrider wordt nu de laatste hand aan het ontwerp gelegd. Het dakje volgt perfect de vloeiende lijn van de Sunrider en bied geweldige bescherming tegen regen wind of sneeuw. Het dakje wordt gemaakt van glasvezel of carbon-fibre. Prijzen en levertijd volgen nog.

Sunrider winter-dakje

Sunrider winter-dakje

Velomobile cover

Juli 2009

From September there is a protective cover available for the Sunrider. Beautiful custom-made and very easy to place. This keeps the Sunrider clean, dry and protected (even from curious bystanders). By means of an elastic band the remains well placed. The cover is very light and small to pack, which makes it easy to carry. Price: € 159, --

Velomobiel Hoes


June 2009

Xavier van der Stappen back from his trip after 6000 kilometer cycling in the Paris Dakar Sunrider. Here an impression of his amazing journey!


Jan 2009

Very shortly adventurer Xavier van der Steps is to begin a great journey, one with Sunrider across Africa, to drive his "Paris - Dakar NO OIL"! We wish him great success and fun!
Here the first images (in french):

Always a fast ride!

Nov 2008

Sunrider is now available with electrical support. The big advantage is that the engine gains speed easily and even driving up hills can be done without a problem. And if you feel like a good sweat, just use the engine less and pedal along! The electrical support has three positions and will start when you start to pedal and stop when you stop pedalling. You can compare with the power steering in a car.

The system comes with a 36Volt 9Ah removable Lithium Ion battery and charger, which will range between 40 and 60 km’s. Not enough? There are also more loose batteries available in order to increase the range.

This complete system with battery and charger is available from € 998, - including installation. It fits to replace the rearwheel of the normal Sunrider and is also possible to retrofit.

Sunrider auf Pole Position in Eindhoven

Juni 2008

An estimated 75,000 fans of fast cars and automotive were able to marvel at dozens of contemporary and historic sports cars past weekend. Between all Ferrari's, Maserati's, Bugatti's, McLaren's there was also room for vehicles which are dedicated to sustainability and innovation as the Sunrider and the Aero Rider. This allowed 75,000 people to witnesses a fine example of velomobile "mayhem" on the trail.

Pole Position Eindhoven Sunrider in de garage

Very nice to see that even at such events very positive responses come from both the public as well as car manufacturers and owners.

Pole Position Eindhoven Sunrider in actie Pole Position Eindhoven Sunrider in actie

Early models delivered

Jan 2008 Proudly we announce that we have handed over the first Sunrider. The customers finally can enjoy their long awaited first kilometers in the Sunrider. Great!
The coming years we will be working hard to increase production of the Sunrider. Dealers will get their first samples and the first Dutch customers can look forward to their new Sunrider. Already we have quite an amount of Sunriders in order and we will do our best to deliver them this year.

Sunrider Cycles started!

Nov 2007

After an intensive period of designing and testing the Sunrider is ready for production. The Sunrider will be produced by Sunrider Cycles located in Ijmuiden near Amsterdam. We will fully focus on the production and sale of the Sunrider. We are also engaged in developing new options and accessories! With great enthousiasm we look forward to the coming years.

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